Our lighting consultancy team emphasizes on the end-to-end processes, bringing customers through their lighting journey with us. We believe through this journey, we will be able to better understand the requirements, and work hand-in-hand with other teams to customize the perfect solution

Simulation on actual buildings with right lighting ambiance

  • Sharing available hardware experience and performance
  • Knowing and appreciating the existing environment, culture and purpose of the buildings
  • Implications of beam angle, lumens, light of sight for lighting products

Lighting Positions and heat spots

  • For lux requirements and M&E lighting coordination work
  • Understanding Lumens efficacy of products
  • Understanding the position of lights and impact
  • Various software applications

Simulation of day and night feel

  • The design in the night or day should standalone by itself proudly
  • Assessment of suitable lighting hardware for both day/night integration in to environment
  • Using various softwares to create a visual impression for easy imagination

Lighting Design Creation for Marketing Agencies

  • Combining our expertise in LED lighting technology and relevant applications for quick lighting effects
  • Arduino Micro-controller POWER, Art and Craft for design and technology applications

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Coupled with our expertise in LED lighting technology, expertise in lighting systems, we are confident that we can value-add to your plans. So contact us today for a discussion and our consultants will be more than happy to help.

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